Argan Face Cream

Argan Oil, the new beauty ritual for the face.

Your lifestyle is reflected on your skin: stress, pollution and imbalanced diet make your face dull, matte and toneless. Argan Oil, an extract from Argan seeds, has been used since ancient times by Eastern women as a beauty ritual. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids and Omega 3, companions for beautiful skin.


A perfect and daily hydration is essential for healthy and lively looking skin. This cream is ideal to keep your skin fresh and toned for the whole day. It ensures not only an intense and continuous hydration for 24 hours, but also creates a protective barrier from environmental aggressors and the sun. The delicate and smooth formula caresses your skin as lightly as a feather giving a feeling of comfort and wellbeing.


A cream with rich and delicate texture, suitable for both day and night.
Applying it in the morning provides all the necessary hydrating and soothing ingredients for your skin to face the day and protects it from environmental aggressors; applying it in the evening helps tired skin eliminate daily stress, nourishes your skin and aids in cellular renewal for a more supple, firm and luminous skin in the morning.


It has a triple action: regenerating, plumping and hydrating. It regenerates your skin fighting the formation of free radicals, the main cause of wrinkles and loss of tone. It plumps the epidermic layer that gets thinner with age, helping cellular renewal and collagen production, an essential element to smooth wrinkles and have more supple and toned skin. It deeply hydrates making your skin fresh and bright, for a healthy and lively look.



A perfect combination of indulgence and lightness to fill your skin with light and splendour. The innovative formula with Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil hast a double effect: it immediately smooths wrinkles and hydrates your skin. Hyaluronic Acid microspheres penetrate your skin, absorb moisture from your skin and expand to reduce wrinkles. Expression lines and saggy skin are smoothed for immediate flawless, toned and plump skin.
Argan Oil, full with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, unsaturated acids and Omega 3 fight the formation of free radicals, the main cause of the formation of wrinkles, ensuring radiance and softness to your face.


An innovative product with optical effect that makes face imperfections immediately less visible.
The formula contains round micro-pigments that reflect and diffuse light on the face. For this reason, after application, pores, wrinkles and expression lines are minimized. The face looks smoother and the complexion more even and radiant.
The presence of Argan Oil helps to ensure deep hydration and intense nourishment, necessary conditions for beautiful skin.


Suitable for all skin types, they have a triple action: cleansing, hydrating and skin protection.
• Deeply cleanse, eliminating impurities and traces of make-up (even waterproof) from face and eyes;
• Immediately hydrate and refresh your skin after each use*;
•  Immediately hydrate and refresh your skin after each use.
*Instrumental test carried out on 20 women, from 25 to 60 years old, with different types of skin.