Argan Sunscreen Line

Tanning Products

A formula that gives your skin an intense bronze colour.


A special sun oil, enriched with precious Argan Oil, for effective and complete protection of your skin and hair. It keeps your skin incredibly soft and silky, and gives your hair its natural beauty. Its exclusive formula absorbs extremely quickly, without the unpleasant greasy sensation on hair and skin.

BODY: ensures an immediate tan giving your skin an even and golden colour. Moreover, it helps prevent ageing caused by the sun, keeping your skin soft and radiant.

HAIR: protects hair damaged by chlorine, sun and salt. Gives an amazing softness, fully hydrating your hair and keeping it light and shiny.


Enriched with precious Argan Oil and thanks to Walnut Oil, it ensures an intense and quick tan, ensuring radiant skin with a natural, amber and even complexion.
Argan Oil, rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin A, unsaturated acids and Omega 3, has anti-oxidant, nourishing, hydrating and skin protecting properties. It protects your skin from ageing caused by the sun and keeps it soft and smooth.