Classic Sunscreen Line

Choose triple protection for peace of mind..

A line suitable for grown-ups…and little ones alike! Specific products made for taking care of your skin during and after sun exposure, when your skin needs hydration and nourishment.


Total sun protection.

Discover the wide range of sun protection factors that protect you from UVA, UVB and Infra-red rays, making you feel 3 TIMES MORE PROTECTED.

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Sunscreen for Kids

For children’s delicate skin.

HYPOALLERGENIC formulas specifically studied to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

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Tanning Products

For a glowing and bright complexion

For tan-lovers, to keep skin hydrated, smooth and protected

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Hydrate your skin after sunbathing.

They restore energy and softness to your stressed and dry skin, and protect your tan.

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Travel kit

Perfect for a weekend at the beach.

A complete kit with 3 treatments to always take with you for weekend at the beach.

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