Classic Sunscreen Line

Sunscreen for Kids

Hydrating sunscreen milk with triple protection

The new HYPOALLERGENIC* formula is specifically studied to protect kid’s delicate skin. It creates a lightweight and even barrier on your skin that provides TRIPLE PROTECTION from the sun:
• UVA: responsible for photo-ageing;
• UVB: cause of immediate damage like sunburn and rashes;
• IR (INFRAREDS): responsible for the formation of free radicals.

Water-resistant formula, easy to apply and quickly absorbed without being greasy.

*Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.  

SPRAY:  discover the comfort of the new spray nozzle!
Practical for lively kids, it allows for a quick and even distribution of the sunscreen over the whole body.

ANTI-SAND ACTION: the water-resistant formula is easy to apply and dries quickly without being greasy so sand can be easily brushed off.